This week I am switching gears from traveling, to focus on a local artist that happens to be one of my best friends. Annelise Nearon is a 24-year-old from Dearborn, MI that has turned her hobby into a business! Starting at a young age, Annelise has enjoyed art. With the help of social media and online marketplaces, she has created Annelise Nearon Art, where she sells her beautiful fluidity acrylic creations. Annelise does not do your typical paint pour. She takes it one step further and creates amazing designs that are one of a kind.

How did it all start?


I believe I started painting when I was in preschool, so around four or five years old.”

“In the summers growing up, I spent a majority of my time at my dads work. He’s a dental lab technician meaning it was a very boring spot to be in during the summers. There I started to draw and paint with my dad’s co worker’s son to pass time.”

Annelise’s art skills continued to grow the more she practiced. In 2015, she chose to attend Kendall College of Art and Design to excel her skills farther. Annelise started Annelise Nearon Art about a year ago when a friend gave her the idea to start selling her art. She then started selling online in June of 2018. She uses Instagram and Facebook to reach her buyers.

What kind of art does Annelise Nearon offer?

Annelise mostly uses acrylic paint, epoxy resin to create her spin on fluidity acrylic. This girl creates many different things, from jewelry pendants to furniture. She offers many different types of things, and hopes to have more products for sale very soon. Her creations are gorgeous and can bring life to your living room with one of her tables, or to your pet’s collar with her pet tags. She also does commissions for people, and has created different things for people that she doesn’t usually sell.


“This one is tough! But probably my anatomical heart that I sculpted on a 3D software program then 3D printed.”


Although Annelise went to school for Medical Illustration, she believes her favorite medium and style is painting abstract pieces. The reason for this is because paint is easy to fix or redo. Paint can do its own thing to a certain extent. It’s messy. An accident can turn into something beautiful. She also told me that she has problems with her wrist and that drawing is difficult for her, but painting is a lot easier.

She stated that her art is important to her because It’s her therapy.

“I might not sell all my art but the process for each piece is what matters most to me.”

I asked her if she ever gets attached to your pieces and keep them. She replied, “All of the time!”  

She mentioned that there are certain paintings that she hangs on to or prices them really high. She believes that that is what her paintings are worth, and if someone really wants it bad enough they will pay the price.

What is new/coming up for Annelise Nearon Art?

Although Annelise has a few ideas for new products up her brush, she told me that she is mainly focusing on making jewelry right now due to the fact that it has a high production rate. In the future, she would like to experiment with making terrarium style necklaces that encase a tiny plant. Annelise would also like to start refurbishing furniture and reselling it. Her biggest upcoming challenge that she told me she wanted to try to create a scenic wood table. Right now, Annelise is planning to teach a few art classes to 10-12 year olds this summer with the Rosa Parks Children/Youth Program in Detroit. Annelise is looking to expand her brand, so you may catch Annelise Nearon Art at your local art festival this Summer.

Annelise is always open to hosting art classes or doing commissions. You can find her one of a kind artwork on her website, at or on her Instagram, @annelisenearonart


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