Hello Everyone! This week I am writing about another local business, Chelester’s Creations. This is a self-made jewelry company out of DeWitt, Michigan. Creator, Michele, always has liked creating jewelry, because of her mom. She started Chelester’s Creations by making jewelry for herself, as well as for friends, family members, and gifts for people. She then got the idea from a friend to start selling in her consignment shop. Her business took off from there!

Chelester’s Creations started in 2008, when Michele started selling in her friend’s consignment shop. Three years later, in 2011, she expanded her business to online marketplaces. You can find her business at Chelester’s Creations

Starting out

As a child, Michele’s mother taught her how do many creative crafts, like cross stitching and crocheting. She even taught her how to make dolls and dollhouses. She has always loved to create things.


“It has always been a way to pass the time, and now that I am older, my creative hobbies are a great way to relieve some stress, take time for myself, and sell a few items to pay for my bead addiction!”

The Work

 Michele is currently mostly focusing on Petoskey stone jewelry, using wire wrapping techniques. Hunting for the stones themselves is part of the work.

“I am not a very good Petoskey stone hunter, but luckily my boss has a place up near Petoskey, MI, and she loves to comb the beaches looking for Petoskey stones and other goodies, like beach glass.  After a weekend up north, she will bring me a lovely bag full of stones, which I sort through, briefly tumble in my rock tumbler (they are very soft stones, so I cannot tumble for long)  I then hand polish, drill and turn into jewelry.” 


She also loves making fused glass pendants, etching copper, making pendants with two-part epoxy resin, as well as simply stringing beads. Anything that has to do with jewelry, Chelester’s Creations can basically make it!


For those of you wondering, Chelester’s Creations does commissions. She has had many people contact her after seeing something that she has already created. She also does a lot of one of a kind pieces for her friends and family which she enjoys doing.

Along with being online, you can catch Chelester’s Creations at the DeWitt Band Booster’s Festival and the Made in Michigan Festival in Allen Park in September. She was recently at the Gypsies at Heart Vendor Market in Lansing. Michele is constantly looking for upcoming shows in the area to sell at, because she believes it is a good fit for her jewelry.

I asked Michele, “What do you love most about your work?”

Her response, “Having an idea in my head, and having it come to fruition!”

Do you have any favorites?

“Several!  I’m not sure I could pick just one!”

I asked her if if she ever gets attached to her jewelry and if she ends up keeping any for herself. She replied, “Yes, more than I should.  Most of my pieces are one of a kind, but sometimes I make up two, so I can keep one for myself.” I think that this is a really good idea!

Michele told me that jewelry is her favorite type of art, because there is always something new that she wants to try and create. She also enjoys scrapbooking, drawing and painting, really anything that is crafty.

What’s Coming Up for Chelester’s Creations?

 “I continue to try to figure out what items are going to sell the best for me.  I have a wide range of items/techniques available in my shop, but I think I need to narrow them down so I can focus on the best sellers.  Currently that is my Petoskey Stone jewelry.”

You can find Chelester’s Creations online at Great Lakes Made Marketplace.


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