This week, Great Lakes Made explores the faith-based art and styles of Autumn Marble, a devoted mother, wife and friend, blessing the world with art and design!

A fellow Michigan native, Autumn Marble has been doing art her whole life. “…even as a young child I was constantly doodling and coloring,”. Soon to be featured on Great Lakes Made, Autumn is excited for her art and her works to be displayed for all to see!

Fantastic sketching!

How did it All Start?

“I feel my art journey began after I graduated in 2005 from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor of Science in Commercial Art and minor in Advertising.  I had no art classes in High School, it was a private Christian school, that did not offer art courses. I love painting in watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylic.


I enjoy the design process of design typography/calligraphy and illustrations.  I have been self employed since 2006.  I started out doing murals, then mostly custom art projects or free lance and greeting cards I illustrated and construct and sell.  I have also written and illustrated a children’s book, “A Cat in a Squirrel’s Nest”.

I also worked on, “The Other Side of the Rainbow” and 3 coloring books for local attractions in Metro Detroit, and a coloring book called A Field Guide to Breathing Pollen,”.

Gorgeous Bible Verses are a staple in Autumn’s Work

How did this become a Business?

Some amazing dot work

“I think there is a larger audience online and market for art around the country and internationally speaking. But with that there is more competition too.  It is growing for a hobby to a business, but I still consider it a hobby. 


I am getting into designing Toy Boxes for kids, but actually I want to call them Earth Boxes, as they can store anything from our Earth!  I find toy boxes or trunks used and then paint them with colorful hues.  I use Acrylic Paint and special tools like Fine Line Applicators.  It is very organic and artsy.  I love the designing stage or creative process of each box.

I do both commissions and I draw what inspires me.  I love to create polymer clay necklaces too.  I am learning how to make polymer clay roses, petal by petal, with beads and on a chain.  I also like to design polymer necklaces with a simple organic looking small spheres and beads,”.

A painted Toy “Earth” Box by Autumn Marble
Clay Beads before being Strung into a Necklace

Do you Make all your Art Yourself?

“I work mostly alone, or in the company of my kids.  Sometimes I work while at doctor appointments, or occasionally church before or after services.  I love to create work while I am visiting friends, or with strangers, I work better when someone is watching.  But I also love turning on Pandora Radio while I create at home too,”.

A gorgeous Biblical verse design
All the Colors of the Rainbow

What are your Favorites?

“I honestly have a favorite art piece.  Well maybe two.  I did them while in college and they were both oil. 

One was a large painting of a fluffy stack of pancakes.  Golden, and warm looking, complete with butter melting on top, drizzled with syrup. 

The other painting was a beautiful painting of a little girl walking bare foot down a dirt path in a forest, she was wearing a white linen summer dress with a cute over sized hat, and the painting had thick green forest behind her, with rays of sun shining through.  I do miss oil painting,”

Whimsical and full of color!
I feel very relaxed with this piece
This design most definitely rocks!

What is the Most important Part of your Art?

“I love that it is bold and vibrant and colorful or sometimes just black and white but always a conversational piece.  I like when someone buys a piece, whether  modern, abstract, fine art, or functional, there is always something new to notice.  I also love bring people’s ideas to life.  There are some very creative visionaries out there and they just need an artist like me to make it reality.  I am also very versatile and am able to create many styles,”.

Do you Attend Shows or Festivals?

“I do some art shows and festivals every year, or farmer markets.  I am looking forward to being at the Peach Festival in my town, Romeo, MI this Labor Day.  I think my toy boxes and prints and coloring books could sell great there!”.

It looks like it could come from a storybook!
This makes me want Hot Chocolate…

What is Next for Autumn Marble’s Art?

“I am excited for the toy boxes I am presently creating, I look forward to seeing how they will sell on the marketplace on Facebook, and Etsy and Great Lakes Made, too! I also look forward to selling them at local shops and at festivals. I look forward to custom orders and to seeing how they will improve!”.

Thank You Autumn Marble!

We cant wait to feature this amazing art and design on Great Lakes Made! Another amazing Great Lakes artist and creator, we hope to see much more of you soon!


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